Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU)

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Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU) is a kind of new fertilizer which mainly functions as nitrogenous fertilizer and complementally as sulfur fertilizer. At the same time, SCU is also a new product to substitute for the common urea. SCU can not only supply sulfur to the soil to improve crop yield but also enhance the quality of crop at some extent. Besides, Multiple-advantage features SCU—saving fertilizer & labor, increasing crop yield & income, improving ecological environment, preventing crop seeding from being damaged due to excessive use of fertilizer and guaranteeing that crop grows better and faster, for example. SCU is suitable for various crops and plants, such as, cotton, wheat, corn, melon (or fruit), vegetable, fruit trees, sod, garden crop and various cash crop, etc. SCU is a new type of fertilizer in accordance with the growing requirement of green food and the necessary material base of ecological crop. According to different growth stages of crop, adequate fertilization basing on nutrition requirement can decrease nutrient loss, increase fertilizing efficiency, save resources and protect environment. The vacant shell of the sulfur fertilizer can store water, improve soil penetration, disinfest bacteria. In addition, sulfur fertilizer and its compounds can be applied to saline soil to improve the soil environment. Considering the agricultural demand for slow release fertilizer in China, SCU must have a broad prospect in the future market.

Major Crops Fertilization Recommendation For Reference
Please avoid sowing seeds together with SCU, fertilize deeply and refer to high content fertilizer.

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